After the JUNOs

It’s been a wonderfully enriching and inspiring weekend in Ottawa for this year’s JUNO awards. Everyone has been in a celebratory mood (beginning with the amazing JUNO Express train on Friday), and I’ve had opportunities to connect with friends both old and new. And above all, it was a joy to share the weekend with my lovely wife and parents.

At last night’s gala dinner, I was stirred by the power of Buffy St. Marie’s calls to action, the tender songs of William Prince, and poignance and humility of industry giant Randy Lennox, who reminded us to be kind to each other, always. It was also a thrill to share the weekend with fellow musicians Amanda Tosoff, Jon Maharaj and Morgan Childs, who I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with on Friday night. Thanks to all three of you for your artistry and professionalism.

My most heartfelt thanks to all the people who made “Momentum” come true. To the musicians, David Restivo, Mike Downes, Mark Kelso, Rich Brown and Will Kennedy: thanks for approaching this music with tenacity and soul, and for your willingness to play my music. I can’t thank you enough. To Jeremy Darby: thanks for your attention to detail and your all-encompassing ears. To Janine Stoll and Emma-Lee, the dream team of photography and graphic design, thanks for your imagination and vision. To the good people at FACTOR: thank you for providing the financial support to me and countless Canadian musicians. To the Yamaha music family (Steve Butterworth, Geoff Houghton, Steve Bijakowski and more), thanks for your continued support of my musical endeavours.

I didn’t think this album could happen. There were many points in this process where self-doubt entered my mind, and I began to question my own vision. But it all worked out in the end, and this process (and interacting with so many other artists here at the JUNOS) has helped to strengthen my resolve, and serve as an important reminder that we do this because we love it. Thanks so all of you who inspire me to hope, dream, and continually explore new possibilities.

And now, happily, onwards.