Workshop Handouts

How to Create a Course Intro Video in 10 Minutes or Less (2020): This document was developed for a presentation at Humber College Ed-Venture Week.

The Paperless Classroom for Mac and iOS (2018)

Beyond PowerPoint: Using GoodNotes and OmniOutliner on iPad (2017)

Jazz Sax Techniques handout: This document accompanies my workshop, “Jazz Saxophone Techniques”.   It contains information on listening, technique, style and equipment.

iPads and Music handout: This document accompanies my workshops, “Tech Tools for Visual Learning in Music”, and  “iPads and Music: Creating community through collaboration”.   It contains a list of useful iPads apps for teaching any subject, and a few music-specific applications.

Jazz pedagogy resource list (PDF): This document provides educators with a wealth of print and audio resources, in topics ranging from jazz ensemble pedagogy to piano voicings and everything in between.

Jazz band rehearsal techniques (PDF): This document accompanies my “Jazz Band Rehearsal Techniques” workshop, where I discuss active listening, musical style, rhythm section, blend and balance, and teaching using the voice and body.

What makes a great solo (PDF): This handout comes from my “Essentials of Improvisation and Ear Training” clinic, where I describe some of the factors that often contribute to improvisation in jazz and other genres.  I offer more details on these concepts in a live workshop setting.

Jazz piano / guitar comping patterns on “Autumn Leaves” in various styles (PDF): The main concepts of effective comping are rhythmic style and good voice leading.  This handout provides some context for young players learning voicings in a combo or large jazz ensemble.

Jazz bass patterns on “Autumn Leaves” in various styles (PDF): Bassists in jazz bands must focus especially on sound, rhythm and good voice leading.  This handout, along with the previous one above, shows basic patterns in a number of common styles.